Short Code

Shortcode Uses:

  1. Used by advertising agencies, media companies, radio stations, TV channels, marketing savvy companies for campaigns, contests etc.
  2. For lead generation, if backed by a campaign in print or electronic media. Advertising agencies prefer to use it as the response to their advertising campaign is measurable on parameters like numbers, time, effectiveness etc.
  3. Feedback from customers, employees or any target group.
  4. Database creation of potential customers (Region wise, product wise, etc)
  5. Online surveys for real time results.
  6. It Is Use Where SMS number is printed on the advertisment
  7. It Is Use Where communicaton is done internally with in companies employee for information sharing
  8. Checking stock status
  9. Result on request to parents
  10. Integration with any web application
  11. Day Report submission to head office by employee
  12. Updated price list of company products



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