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  • Primary Information

  • Q: How do I use is an easy - log in portal by typing your name, email, profession , city , mobile number, company name & designation and then by typing the characters given and instantly you get an SMS from confirming your registration with the password .
    Q: What do I need in order to become User?
    All you need is a valid Indian mobile number.
    Q: SMS Characters ?
    Standard size of 160 characters.For every 160 characters 1 SMS credit is consumed, an additional credit is consumed for every 153 characters thereafter. You can view the number of characters in the Character Count box which is a summation of characters typed in Steps 4 to 6, namely, Header Message, Contest Question, Options and Footer Message.
    Q: Can I send SMS to other countries?
    This feature will be provided soon. Currently, Delivers only within India. Users will be intimated soon after launching our service in other countries.
    Q: How many contacts I can store?
    As many as you can. Unlimited.
    Q: How many SMS I can Send in a day?
    Unlimited, As You Want.
    Q: Can I send SMS to 'STD Mobile Numbers?
    Yes Of course, you can send SMS to any mobile network in India. All you have to do is just enter 10 DIGIT mobile numbers and send SMS.
    Q: How long does message delivery take?
    A Part of Second.
    Q: How do I delete my account?
    You can send a mail to and request them to delete the account.
  • Sender ID

  • Q: What is a Sender ID?
    A Sender ID identifies the sender of the message on the recipient's mobile phone. is set as the default Sender ID. If you prefer a unique Sender ID, you can prefer an online request. Your unique Sender ID must be alphanumeric. Requests for unique Sender IDs are approved only after an authentication process
    Q: How do I create a unique Sender ID?
    Place a request for a new Sender ID on the 'Add Sender ID' page. Read the instructions carefully before submitting your request for a Sender ID. Your Sender ID will be activated only after an authentication process.
    Q: Will I be charged for my unique Sender ID?
    No, you will not be charged for your unique Sender ID.
  • User accounts

  • Q: What is 'My Account'?
    This is the place where you can monitor the status of your account for credits and reply number(s) purchased. Find the total number of credits in balance, credits used for sent messages, credits purchased, cost, date of purchase and validity, as well as bonus credits earned on the replies you received. Track the history of your Reply Number(s) including cost, date of purchase and validity. Download a detailed report for viewing later.
  • Transactional SMS

  • Q1.Transactional SMS means?
    SMS Template containing information sent by Bank or financial institution or insuranceCompany or Credit Card Company to its clients.

    SMS Template containing information regarding traveling schedules, ticket booking and reservationTicket sent by Airlines or IndianRailways or its authorized agencies to its passengers.

    SMS Template containing information sent from registered educational institution to parents or guardians of its students.

    SMS Template containing information to its clients pertaining to the account of the client sent by a company or a firm or depository participant, registered with Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) or InsuranceRegulatory Development Authority (IRDA) or Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) or National Commodity and Derivative Exchange Ltd. (NCDEX)or Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. (MCX).

    SMS Template containing information sent in response to e-commerce transactions made by their customers by e-commerce agencies SMS Template containing information sent to its employees or agents or to its customers pertaining to services or goods to be delivered to such customers by aregistered company

    Transactional SMS can be used by
    • Registered Institutions (Only for sending critical information to parents)
    • Airlines and Railway (Only for sending ticket and PNR details to passengers)
    • Registered Companies
    • InsuranceCompanies
    • Registered Banks and Financial Institutions
    • Credit Card Companies
    • Stock Market Alerts (Only to opt-ed-in/subscribed customers)
    • E-Commerce website sending response to e-commerce transactions made by their customers
    Q2.Does Transactional SMS have Sender ID?
    Yes, you can have Send ID for sending Transactional SMS. Sender ID should be of 6 capital alphabets representing the brand/service/ industry
    Q3.Can I have multiple sender ID's for a single account?
    Yes, you can have more than 1 Sender ID. Terms Apply.
    Q4.Does Sender ID need approval?
    Yes, Sender ID should be approved from TRAI.
    Q5.Will there be any time period for Sending SMS?
    Transactional SMS normally gets generated via API, so can be send 24/7.
    Q6. Can I send SMS to DND NUMBERS?
    Yes, Transactional SMS gets delivered on all mobile numbers PAN India.
    Q7.What are the requirements for using Transactional SMS?
    You just need to fill an undertaking letter and submit Templates for the approval of TRAI along with your KYC documents.
    Q8.What details should be included in undertaking letter?
    Undertaking letter on company Letter Head duly signed, company seal. Category and User name under which you want to send Transactional SMS.
    Q8.What details should be included in undertaking letter?
    Undertaking letter on company Letter Head duly signed, company seal. Category and User name under which you want to send Transactional SMS.
    Q9.Why undertaking letter?
    Undertaking letter is used for sending the user particulars for TRAI approval.
    Q10.What does the Template contain?
    A Template is predefined message which has to be sent. Transactional SMSworks with template based messaging
    Q11.How many templates can I have?
    You can have Unlimited templates.
    Q12.Do my Templates require TRAI approval?
    Yes, Template will be approved as per TRAI Guidelines.
    Q13.What Happens If I send SMS without TRAI approval?
    The SMS Template will not be sent.
    Q14.What happens if I made changes to template after the TRAI approval?
    The SMS template will not be sent if u add even a single space in the SMSTemplate.
    Q15.What are the precautions required while sending Transactional SMS?
    Always maintain a database of your OPT IN clients. This is required to be produced in case of complain is filed by recipient Do not submit any type of promotional content.
  • Sent Items
  • Q: How can I be sure my message has been delivered?
    Please visit "SMS log" Menu then Click on Sent SMS to get a detailed report of messages that have been delivered.
    Q: How do I check my Sent Messages?
    You can check your sent messages in SMS Log