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Tuesday, 24-Oct-2017
Transactional High Priority SMS

The Transactional High Priority SMS sent with an objective of Inform Mobile User regarding any of his transaction related to his a/c. Alert, Updates are mapped as a Transactional Route. In High Priority route SMS are delivered within 5 Seconds via Multiple gsm operator gateway.

This category includes any Personal Account Information, Alerts, Update messages which are requested / OPTIN by the recipient.

Transactional SMS gets delivered on all mobile numbers 24/7 with a Unique Sender ID of 6 Charter ALPHA only & Pre-Approved SMS Templates or Business Process.

These kinds of messages are those which are necessary for the user! In ordinary language it is also termed as Service Alert Messages.

Client needs to Submit KYC Documents to avail Transactional SMS with other TRAI required documents. Download

These messages include the messages which are only passed because the client or user OPTED that particular message & which do not contain any promotion or marketing content.

For example:

1) Message passed to the bank account holder regarding his available balance in his account or any activity done in his account are called pure transactional message.
2) Message passed to the client by a company regarding his Invoice, Support, Order Processing, 2 Way SMS, Recharge, etc.

Tariff:  w.e.f. 24-Oct-2017 
02K* 2,000 0.320 12 Rs.640.00
05K* 5,000 0.300 12 Rs.1,500.00
10K 10,000 0.250 12 Rs.2,500.00
25K 25,000 0.220 12 Rs.5,500.00
50K6M 50,000 0.180 6 Rs.9,000.00
50K 50,000 0.200 12 Rs.10,000.00
1L6M 100,000 0.160 6 Rs.16,000.00
1L 100,000 0.180 12 Rs.18,000.00
1L1M 100,000 0.140 1 Rs.14,000.00
5L 500,000 0.140 12 Rs.70,000.00
10L 1,000,000 0.130 12 Rs.130,000.00
10L6M 1,000,000 0.120 6 Rs.120,000.00

♦ Validity of SMS Package is in months
♦ GST of 18 % Extra

  • Transactional SMS 6 Character ALPHA Sender ID Pre-Approved
  • Send SMS via Web Portal, XL or Outlook PlugIn, CSV, API, etc.
  • Service Tax @ 18% Extra
  • SMS Validity: As per Plan Opted Validity.
  • Default Sender ID: OPTINS (SMS Routed via OPTIN Feature) * (SMS Routed via OPTIN Feature)
  • UR Sender ID Request as per TRAI Guidelines Contact Us
  • OPTIN & OPTOUT Feature Available
  • Live Realtime Delivery within 5 Seconds.
  • No Termination ICU Fee Required.
  • 100% delivery on all numbers.
  • Free Credits Valid on 12 Months ONLY
  • Sender ID Request Document & Terms.
  • Every Member of OnlineSMS will be assigned an OPT ID (Free).
  • Ask your Members to Subscribe by sending SMS {OPTIN Ur Opt ID} to > 7666905444 i.e.: [OPTIN 55135 <Send to> 7666905444]
  • All incoming SMS Mobile Numbers will get added in your A/c. Group: OPTINS
  • Now Choose OPTIN group to send SMS to all registered members.
  • Your SMS will be sent Using Sender ID: OPTINS & Delivery will be 24/7 including DND Active Numbers Registerd using OPTIN.
  • In Every Month you need to send them SMS Asking if they want to OPTOUT from your Subscription they can Send SMS {OPTOUT Ur Opt ID} to > 7666905444 i.e.:
    [OPTOUT 55135 <Send to> 7666905444]
  • Using Normal Priority Plan you can send SMS to Both Registered & Unregistered Subscribers.
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